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Search for Equalia is a story of two Wameen, Sam and Alex, who are trying to escape from Patria, with the goal of getting to Equalia. 

The Zorlans of Patria are out to stop them from succeeding. Can you help Sam and Alex make it to Equalia? 

This is a project made for a university game design course. The goal was to choose a headline from the past 12 months and base a game around it.

This is the project that I handed in at the end of the course (with one minor change).

I am hoping to add some QoL updates and some visual updates at a later date, but have no set time frame. As it is, it is a complete game. 

This is my first(ish) complete game that I've made, and it was about 90% complete in less than 48 hours. 


Search for Equalia.zip 34 MB

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